Our Vision

NewLife is committed to transforming people and transforming places through the love and power of Jesus Christ. We believe that the good news running through the Bible is one of amazing exchanges. We read of hate being exchanged for love, unfairness for justice, oppression for freedom and death for life – simply put – there is a message of hope.

The Lord’s Prayer contains this famous line, “Your Kingdom Come here on Earth as in Heaven”. It seems Jesus believes that us and our communities should become more heaven-like. newLife simply wants to be a part of what God is doing in bringing this remarkable transformation about.

What We Believe

We believe that humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation yet is broken and in need of fixing. We believe that God is love and is relentless in his pursuit of us with His grace and mercy. Through Jesus, God wrapped himself in human flesh and became truly knowable. Jesus showed us how to live in a revolutionary way. He forgave our wrongdoings by bearing our guilt in death on the cross. He was resurrected and reigns as the King of the cosmos offering us eternal life. He invites us to believe and to follow – to join in his plan to redeem the world and all who live in it.

We believe that Jesus instigated the Church so that followers could gather in worship and discipleship and then be sent into society equipped to do good and share the good news of the Kingdom of God.

newLife believes that to see true, eternal transformation then our focus must be on helping people find and follow Jesus Christ.

Get In Touch

The Leadership Team of newLife is made up of three sections; the Governance Tm, the Pastoral Tm and the Operations Tm. On this page are details of the team that you are likely to want to know about if you’re new to the church.

Our Pastoral Team

Russ is a local who has been the Senior Pastor of newLife since 2001. He is married to Sarah, also on the Pastoral Team, and has two adult sons Jordan and Joseph.

Russ is a musician at heart and has been known to sneak musical analogies into his messages at any given moment.

Sarah is a local and is married to Russ. She oversees the Pastoral Visitation throughout the church, coordinates the newcomers ministry and is often seen on the platform too.

Sarah is a qualified Occupational Therapist and brings her skills to bear in newLife’s community ministries.

Deana is an experienced pastor having led two churches along with her husband Mark (a member of newLife’s Board). Deana works for Safe Families a fantastic organisation helping alleviate the strain on the UK’s care system.

Deana brings a real joy to her teaching and also enjoys playing the piano.

Elaina is married to Dan and mummy to a dachshund called Frankfurter. Elaina is newLife’s Children’s Pastor and also oversees newLife’s Family Bank – ministry which resources families with our local community.

You will often see Elaina on the newLife platform as she loves leading people in worship.

DAN SKUCEPastoral Team
Dan is married to Elaina and is newLife’s Associate Pastor. Dan is involved in much of the day to day running of newLife but particularly enjoys helping people get to grips with the Christian scriptures. He is currently studying for his PhD.

Dan is often drafted into newLife’s band to play drums.