Over the last couple of months our teams at newLife have been trying to engage with the church family in both old and new ways. Doorstep drop offs, telephone prayers, online communion services, YouTube teaching, Facebook services and more. With the limited resources we have we think our teams have done a fantastic job.

But, unless the UK has another spike in Covid 19, it won’t be too long until we are allowed to begin meeting again in a physical church building. Of course and rightly so there will be strict limitations, guidelines and precautions – so much so that, lets not be under any allusion, the newLife flavour will be substantially different – for instance we may not be allowed to engage in corporate singing.

Now newLife is blessed because for many years we’ve operated small groups, and we still believe – more than ever – that small groups are the biggest thing about newLife. Because of small groups across the county we have a greater flexibility in handling a return to physical gathering and we want to make great use of this strength.

Over the next week or so the Pastoral Tm will develop some kind of skeleton plan to ensure that, whenever it happens, we can return to physical buildings well. A huge part of this is to acknowledge that we are all in a different place with regard to levels of eagerness or caution.

Some people are Green Light folk and may want to Run Back – so keen that they could do it right now even forgetting to put on their mask and getting ready to hug the first hospitality team member the see.

Others are more Amber Light people will want to Walk Back, wanting to return to the physical gatherings but cautious, waiting and watching till the time seems right for you – perhaps you or a family member have delicate health issues and so assessing risk is a high priority.

Others far from wanting to Run Back or Walk Back you’re RED and don’t want to Come Back. Perhaps we’ve done such a good job of Online Church that you’ve gotten used to it and it suits you. Or perhaps you are elderly & frail and though you wish you could return – it seems unlikely – and online church has allowed you to feel part of newLife.

So to help us help you we’re asking you to complete a very short survey. It really will be a help to us. We’ve made the survey responses anonymous. So don’t worry, no ones checking on you.

All you have to do is complete the brief survey below. Answer the 3 multi-choice questions and click DONE. That’s it.

Scripture tells us to “bear with one another so that we can keep the unity of the spirit”, we want to handle the coming back to physical buildings well, with a pace and process that reflects our different frames of mind.

So please help us.

Thank you. God bless

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