Go Deeper

We run lots of courses at newLife ensuring that whatever level and whatever pace you want to take your journey into Christianity – we can cater for you. Most, but not all, our courses feature a film, food and discussion and have been known to take place at local cafes and in our Green Room.

You can try the alternative to Alpha called Life Explored (it’s very good) or uncover another layer of faith with Discipleship Explored. If you fancy something which explores our spirituality and how it interacts with the world then Nooma is great. If you’re struggling to represent Christ well at work then God at Work is ideal.

Perhaps you are following Jesus, already baptised, committed to newLife and want to develop your leadership skills then Platform60 is the course for you.

Whatever you are interested in just email us and let us know. We’ll try and set you up as soon as we can.

Email us if you are interested in going deeper at one of our courses