We Celebrate Transformation

At newLife we believe that everyone can become a better person.

We come together from all walks of life, broken & blessed, poor & privileged – and we are welcomed as we are. Yet we know God calls us to be transformed and to help transform others and our community.

We believe that true transformation is only ever gained through the love & power of Jesus Christ.


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3/3 All of our Small Group Leaders meet regularly and are committed to helping draw people closer to Jesus in a relaxed and friendly manner. Find out more #church #northlincs #transformation #covid19 #smallgroups
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2/3 Others are for men or women or youth. Still others are mixed and the only “interest” is in helping people grow in their faith.
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1/3 newLife is a church of Small Groups. We have over 20 small groups in Scunthorpe alone. Each of our Small Groups has a distinct flavour. Some tend to gather people with particular interests or causes.
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The Bible tells us that Jesus went around doing good and telling of the good news of the Kingdom of God. Our intention at newLife is to get better at the very same thing.